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Panabas y Puntadas weapons are handcrafted by Filipino bladesmiths, bringing together generations of experience and modern know-how. Traditional designs are the basis for our creations in 5160 steel, handles and sheaths are made of indigenious Filipino woods.

All our blades are exclusive small-batch production models. Please note that 5160 is not a „stainless“ steel, and needs a little bit of care from time to time. But this should not be a problem: Once you own a Panabas y Puntadas blade, you will not want to put it out of your hands anyway.

You can find more pictures of our blades in the gallery.

Please note that we sell swords and knives only to persons of 21 years and older.


Total length : 60 cm
Blade length : 45 cm
Blade width : 3-3,5 cm
Blade thickness : 5 mm
Length of grip : 15 cm


During the last years, the ginunting has made its impact in the martial arts community world wide. Famous for being the chosen blade type of the Filipino Marines, and the preferred sword of the Pekiti Tirsia system, the talon-shaped ginunting will let every slash become a stab. Panabas y Puntadas at its best!

The latest interpretation of our best-selling sword features a rather short and slim blade, whose elegant lines transfer to the beautiful hardwood hilt. Together, they make for a perfectly balanced, swift, and precise weapon.


Price: 265 € - Click here to order


Total length :  21cm
Blade length : ca.10 cm
Blade width : 2,5 cm
Blade thickness : 3,5 mm
Length of grip : 11 cm
Total length incl. sheath :  22 cm



Sharp as a razor, pointy as a needle – the Panabas y Puntadas kerambit (or lugud, as it is called in the Philippines) will be loved by all those who look for a traditional, but functional version of this now-so-famous combat blade.


Price: 140 € - Click here to order

Filipino Ork

Total length : 195 mm
Blade length : 100 mm
Blade width : 30 mm
Blade thickness : 3 mm
Length of grip : 95 mm
Weight:  120 g

Panabas y Puntadas proudly presents: Our collaboration with custom knifemaker Mathias Maresch. The Filipino Ork is the perfect every day carry knife for friends of the FMA. Its design allows for perfect handling in hammer, saber, or icepick position, and the grooved G 10 provides a secure grip. The blade is made of SB 1 (1.4153, also known as Niolox), a high performance steel that is hardened to 61 HRc. The knife comes with a kydex sheath.

The Filipino Ork will be made according to customer's order. The exact configuration of blade and grip length, blade design, handle material and sheath is up to you. Blade etchings, hawbill blades and glow-in-the-dark G 10 are among the possibilities - you can see examples in our gallery.


Price: beginning at 420 € - To order, please contact us to ask for the exact price of your favourite configuration.